Wine tasting at the Domaine des Biolles

Wine tasting at the Domaine des Biolles
Romandie-West Region

As a participant of the wine tasting event on Thursday 14th October, I would like to say what a jolly evening it was. 

The wine tasting for BRA members and guests to celebrate the end of the grape harvest was a real success.
We were gathered in a small group of 15 and so managed to talk to each other in front of a wonderful blazing fireplace in the Carnotzet of the Domaine des Biolles, while nibbling delicious cold meats, smoked salmon and cheese. 

Marc Deblue presented a range of the Domaine’s best wines, including an excellent Chasselas, a Rosé de Gamay and the delicious Gamaret-Garanoir.
Marc gave us some insights into how hard this last year has been for wine makers in the region as well as the history of his family’s presence in the village of Chatataigneraie since the 1700s.

I am looking forward to the next BRA event in Tannay.
Compliments to Pam and Jan.

Anneliese Breman