British Residents’ Association of Switzerland

Zurich Toy Museum

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BRA members visited the small Toy Museum in Zurich, to be taken through a couple of centuries of childhood…

“Oh it’s got an upstairs loo !”
And indeed, the large dolls’ house gave us a full view of all the fixtures and fittings of a late 19th century house. That fine model, and all the dolls on display gave us a miniaturised glimpse of the domestic life and fashions of the past. Even Barbie was there. She originated as a promotion for Bild-Zeitung, but was launched as a toy fifty-eight years ago in the USA as the well-known, anorexic-looking nymph. Her latest reincarnation looks far more cuddly.

Perched on his penny-farthing, one smart little character set a trend for the 19th century.
Indeed, the development of travel and technology down the years was to be seen in the magic lantern, the train-sets, the small steam engine, the toy cars and spacecraft of the last century.
How much longer before Switzerland’s Solar Impulse plane makes an appearance here?

We all enjoyed our nostalgic wallow in the toys of yesteryear, which were commentated by the grand-daughter of Franz-Carl Weber, the well-known Zurich toy manufacturer.

Many thanks, Diana, for organising this fascinating event !

Andrew Brix