Solar Impulse Round-the-World Flight

The Solar Impulse team has just announced the details of the Rounde-World flight of Solar Impulse 2 starting 1 March 2015. You can see all the details of this great Swiss adventure on their Website.

Your BRA Council has decided to finance one of the solar cells to support their crowdfunding effort. If you are interested in supporting this venture, go to their crowdfunding page.

There is a Press Conference in Abu Dhabi by Betrand Piccard and André Borschberg of the route to be taken by  Solar Impulse 2 leaving from Abu Dhabi. In the run-up to the conference there is a brief account of the transport of the Solar Plane from Payerne to Abu Dhabi!

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We have had a request from a British student who lived in Switzerland for 12 years to complete a questionnaire to help her with her dissertation about British migrants living in Switzerland!
We will publish the results when they are available.

Just complete the form at this address. There are 22 questions and it will take you less than 10 minutes.

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The McKay Interviews

BRA member Mike McKay is part of the team resuscitating World Radio Switzerland.

You can listen to his latest interview with the head of Investment Strategy for Barclays Banks – Hans Olsen on his website. (about the third screen!).

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Changes in UK Taxation for non-residents

We have been made aware of the potential changes for those of you who pay tax in the UK.

There is a petition against this change and you can find all the details in our Information Portal in Section 4.

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Winter Lunch 2015

Details of this event have now been included in the web page, and you can also register using the form provided.

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Replacement for the Handbook

As we informed you previously, we have discontinued the Handbook, so beloved of many of you, because it was increasingly difficult to find contributors to keep it up-to-date.
Moreover, the sort of information it provided is now readily available on the web, if you can find it!
We have finally done the work to assemble in one place, largely following the organization of the now-defunct Handbook, as much of this information as we have been able to identify. Let us assure you that this is an ongoing effort and we will be only too happy to hear from you if we have missed anything, even better if you can give us the URLs of the information we do not have. We expect much of this to be from our new Commonwealth members, with whose Embassy websites we are less familiar.

Just go to the menu item “Information Portal” and select the item you are interested in from the drop-down menu.
The Information Portal page itself will give an explanation of how it is organized and also gives a list of the chapters together with the date at which we last updated it!

Max Bishop / Nigel Coombs


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The Chairman’s Blog

Council Members and I were delighted to see such a good turnout for the AGM and Spring Luncheon on 10 May. This was an encouraging indication of a healthy membership interested in the wellbeing of the BRA. A write-up of the events and a résumé of the main points discussed at the AGM can be found in this Bulletin. The main issue was revision of our Articles of Association by abandoning the notion of associate membership and widening full membership to accept all members of Commonwealth countries and Ireland. Continue reading

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Membership Directory

Your Council has just taken the decision to publish the Directory for the first time since 2007! All members will receive  a paper copy in alphabetical order (surname, given name). For those members for whom we have an e-mail address we will also send a PDF version. This will be sorted alphabetically by surname but will have a second version sorted  by Region / surname.Publication will be in August, because we have decided not to ask for advertisers, which would delay issue by 2-3 months!

In future we will issue the PDF version every year. The printed version will be issued once every 3-4 years.

If you would like to keep up-to-date, inform our Secretary of your e-mail address. If you haven’t got one then get one!

Nigel Coombs


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Modification to qualifications for membership

The AGM 2014 has voted for a modification of the Articles of Association to abandon Associate membership and permit British, Commonwealth, and Irish citizens living in Switzerland and its environs to be eligible for membership.
The new version of the Articles is available here.
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Chairman’s Blog

It is always sad to record in our Bulletin the deaths of BRA members. This is particularly the case with the sudden passing at the beginning of the year of a very loyal member, Stephan Meier-Jones, the beloved husband of our Vice-Chairman, Angela, for whom he was always a great support in organizing events in the North-West Region. The Memorial Service in January was attended by a very large number of people, including many from the BRA. On a brighter note, there was an excellent turnout at the much appreciated Winter Luncheon in the Casino Berne. Continue reading
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