Afternoon Tea for the Queen

We celebrated HM the Queen’s 90th birthday on 16 April with afternoon tea in St. Andrews Church Community Centre. Well over 80 happy people attended, ranging in age from 2 to 95 years, representing different nationalities and over 12 different organizations in the nearby area. An efficient kitchen team baked, served and washed up and […]

Garden Visit to Waterfall Plaza

On a warm sunny afternoon on 22 March a small but dedicated group of BRA members visited this world-famous garden which was looking extraordinarily beautiful.  This was in spite of a massive snow fall during the night of 4 to 5 March which broke off many flower-laden branches with the weight of the snow.  Our […]

Tea Party – A Great British Tradition

There’s nothing better than drinking tea, eating scones and having lively conversation with friends on a rainy and blustery afternoon, and that is exactly what a group of us did on 9 February.  We were delighted to discover that the Mac Tanner English Tea Room, tucked away in Dornach, not far from Basle, allowed us […]

Scones and Strawberry Tea

Once again we were lucky with the weather, so the garden could be enjoyed, although some escaped the heat to sit indoors. 33 people were present, mainly from the BRA and friends, but also three members from the Glarus English Speaking Club, and two delightful granddaughters who were kept busy the whole afternoon filling up […]

Kangaroo Fondue in the Scex quarter

For the B.R.A. section Romandie East, Deborah Schmidhalter assembled 13 residents of Valais, Vaud and Britain for a fondue in Sion on 17 March 2015. In the Scex* quarter of the town, the Hotel du Rhône has a restaurant specialized in very reasonably priced meat fondues, including Baccus, bourgignonne, Chinese and fish. From our table we had a […]

Diamond Jubilee Cruise

The main Jubilee Event for the  NW Region incorporating our QPB was held on the sunny Rhine on Saturday 02 June on board the Rhine steamer ” Basledybli”. The event was organized jointly by The British Residents’ Association and The Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) with several other clubs and associations supporting. Nearly 140 members and […]