Charlie Chaplin’s World

Charlie Chaplin, born in Walworth, London, in 1889, spent most of his working life in the USA until 1952 when, during the McCarthy communist witch hunts, his US visa was revoked. Forced to sell up in Hollywood he had to find another country to live in. Switzerland appealed because of, he is quoted as saying, […]

Round Table Plus

Romandie East met as usual for their monthly Round Table on the 7th of the month.Our two new members joined us for a drink and also brought along their very well behaved dog. We also had another new British arrival to Sion town, he had seen our poster at the “Bureau de l’intégration” while registering at […]

Wilkingen/Hallau Vineyard Visit

The weather stayed kind for our horse drawn tour of the vineyards on 4 September. We were 11 BRA members and 7 guests from the Schaffhausen area. The event began at the Wilkingen/Hallau train station and we travelled the short distance to Wilkingen village where two horse drawn wagons awaited us. The larger wagon with […]

Visit to the Galleria il Tesoro

A group of BRA members attended an accrochage on 26 August at a pop-up gallery (i.e. temporary premises) in Seefeld, Zürich, used by the Galleria Il Tesoro. Thanks to traditional ties to the BRA, we were kindly invited by Mr. Eberhart, the gallery owner who showed us around and gave a talk detailing his present […]

Summer Barbeque

Once again we got together for the traditional summer BBQ at the Eisweiher hut in Riehen. In contrast to last year, where we suffered continuous rain, and many previous years where we always had to seek the shade, this year the skies where largely clear and the sun out. However, there was a cold Northwest wind […]

A sumptuous Tea Party

A glorious summer’s afternoon on 6 August saw a dozen BRA members from several cantons converging on Rosemary and Paul Bissigger’s verdant garden in Echandens, near Lausanne, for what turned out to be a highly convivial afternoon tea. And by afternoon tea, we don’t mean the kind of meagre affair served up at the Ritz […]

Visit to the Rietberg Museum

The visit to the Gardens of the World exhibition at the Rietberg Museum in Zurich on 28 July went well with a reasonable attendance. We joined a large group with a German speaking guide but in the end most people made their own way around since the exhibits were well described on both English and […]

A mountain Idyll

Whoever is up there looking after the weather was kind to us on 9 July as we gathered for pre-lunch drinks generously offered by Romandie West Regional Chairman, Michael Bruce, and his wife, Antonia, in the garden of their delightful converted farmhouse home in Mollens. It was one of those balmy summer days that one […]

Fork and Bottle Lunch

Sitting in the garden of the Fork and Bottle Restaurant in Zurich on 5 July with sweeping views of the distant Allmend – the range of hills which extend along the Sihl Valley from Zurich to Sihlbrugg – we enjoyed the F & B speciality – fish and chips with mushy peas. BRA members and […]